Mexican President introduces Life Insurance Program for Women

All of these programs and actions are part of a single goal

Currently in Mexico one in four households in the country is headed by a woman. Life Insurance for Women Heads of Household is the institutional response by the Mexican Government to support and assume joint responsibility with their children and adds to other efforts, such as the Pension Program for adults over 65 years to build a Universal Social Security System.

The Mexican Government develops and supports various programs for women like Childcare facilities to support working mothers, Care Program on Reproductive Health and Gender Equality in Health, Programs aimed at reducing maternal death rates, Programs for Women in the Agricultural Sector and the National Program for the Social Prevention of Violence and Crime.

All of these programs and actions are part of a single goal: to make a transversal policy that aligns the efforts all across the government to ensure the full integration and development of women into society.

"In case if a head of household becomes absent, the state will financially support her children who are under 24 years of age, with an income that will allow them to meet their basic needs and continue their education all the way through college," said President Enrique Peña Nieto on this topic.


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