Toros of Tijuana remodel their home field

They prepare the arena for the onslaught

"Tijuana needs good news and we have it" was the phrase that began at the presentation of the new face of the Cerro Colorado Stadium, home of the Toros (Bulls) of Tijuana, who are the new baseball representatives in the city.

VIDEO: Toros remodel their home field



The team director, Alejandro Uribe, sports manager, Marco Antonio Vazquez, Toros team player, Alejandro Ríos and Miguel Magaña who is the engineer in charge of the construction, were all in charge of showing the new remodeled stadium and what the fans can enjoy on the 4th of April, when the new era of the king of sports in Tijuana is inaugurated.

The stadium renovation is being conducted with support from the state government, which adding up the investment of the directives of the team and the government, it sums up to more than 25 million pesos for the renovation of seats, a home run fence, artificial grass and a new screen that measures about 165 square meters and is the third largest in Latin America.

Currently there are two shifts working on the reconstruction of the stadium, and it is expected that all of the remodeling projects will culminate by last week of March.

What can be expected in the Toros baseball season? Alejandro Uribe said that it would be a great family event, where besides the game the fans will be also able to enjoy music, a new playground and a high level environment.

It was inevitable to ask about how the dynamics with Xolos, who are a home team and the San Diego Padres, be like? To this question Uribe responded by saying that Tijuana had fans for all kinds of events, in which with this project they really tried to put together a team that will provide the best for the region.

"The intention is to have baseball all year long" said Uribe, who also discussed about the visit of the Diablos Rojos (Red Devils) to the city, which will be one of the first approaches in the new era of the Mexican Baseball League.

Another advantage for the Toros fans is that the admission ticket will cost around 30 to 50 pesos ($3-5 USD). Attending to the parking problem, a constant issue in the city, negotiations will be initiated with the local plazas near the stadium to have to shuttle that will go back and forth so that the fans can leave their car in a safe area.

In the new era of the Toros from Tijuana in the Northern League of Mexico, there will be 18,000 seats available at each home game, so the fans can enjoy the onslaught. And if fans are unable to get to the stadium, the games will be broadcast on television by Cablemas and on AM 800 Radio.



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