Henrique Capriles: Maduro is a Cuban Presidential Candidate

"I will not turn this country to other interests of any kind"

This morning the presidential candidate of Venezuela, Henrique Capriles, said that Nicolas Maduro, also presidential candidate and current president in charge of the Venezuela, was chosen by Raul Castro so that this way Cuba can govern Venezuela.

"The candidate for Raul Castro is Maduro and I will not turn this country to other interests of any kind", said Capriles as he spoke about some of his proposals.

During his interview with "El Universal" of Venezuela, Capriles apologized to the family of Hugo Chavez if his previous statements had disrespected them, saying that the government had misled the public on the actual date of the death of the President.

"If the words generated a misunderstanding or someone got offended in regards to President Chavez or his family, I apologize. I have no problem with it because the goal of Venezuela is only one, and clearing that out, the lies that Nicholas has said cannot be covered up," declared Capriles to the media.

Capriles also took advantage of this opportunity to invite Nicolas Maduro to a debate, where both candidates can discuss their strategy on how they will lead the nation.

"I hope that with this, Nicolas accepts a debate that has been put on the table, if that is the condition, to apologize, then here's my apology towards the Chavez family or any follower, and it's time for us to put that aside and have a debate "said Henrique Capriles.


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