Nicolas Maduro tests out new Twitter account

Within 24 hours has accumulated more than 214,000 followers

[p]Nicolas Maduro is now adding himself onto the list of world leaders who express themselves by using a Twitter account.


Twitter is no stranger to the Venezuelan government, since Hugo Chavez was one of the most followed Latino leaders and had a lot constant activity with his account.

In his first message, Maduro reiterated his commitment to Chavez and his legacy. He also gave some details about the Venezuelan delegation that will visit the Vatican for the new Pope's inauguration (Francis I). Maduro also pledged to continue his work with socialism, which he has high hopes in winning the Venezuelan elections, and called himself the "son of Chavez."

Nicolas Maduro within 24 hours has accumulated more than 214,000 followers. To follow him on Twitter, you can find him as "@ NicolasMaduro".

Since last week, Maduro has again caused some controversy by declaring that the United States plans to kill his opponent, Henrique Capriles, to create chaos in Venezuela.

The United States in response to Maduro’s statement has denied the fact, and Capriles, who initiated his presidential campaign on March 14, said that if anything happened to him, then the only person behind it would be Nicolas Maduro.


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