Hit and Run Kills 18 Month Old Baby and Driver

Mother is the only survivor

On Saturday March 16, 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Oscar Garcia Fuentes of 23 years of age was arrested after running a stop sign in his 2001 Ford Mustang and crashing into another vehicle causing the death of 2 people, one of them being an infant of 18 months.

According to the police report, this tragic incident happened around 2a.m. Saturday morning when Garcia was driving with his lights off and speeding. He then ran a stop sign and hit another vehicle that was being driven by Tony Gabriel, 26, and passenger identified as Britney Massey of 24 years of age and mother of the infant. Tony Gabriel and the infant, whose name was not released, both died at the scene of the accident. Britney Massey survived but was severely injured. Garcia Fuentes ran from the scene and was later captured by authorities.

This is not the first time that Oscar Garcia Fuentes is involved in this type of accident. Back in January of 2011 he was put on probation for driving with a suspended license, and it is not known if immigration authorities were looking for him back then. Due to the severity of this crime where he is being charged with several hit and run felony counts and manslaughter charges, he is now being detained at the Mecklenburg county jail awaiting trial.




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