Doctors and Nurses who treated Hugo Chavez receive recognition

It was barely announced today

Today in the Official Newspaper of Venezuela, the announcement of the 9149 decree signed by President Nicolos Madero was made which dictates that the four doctors and three nurses who had attended Hugo Chavez in Cuba, will be recognized as the "Libertadores and Libertadoras of Venezuela (Liberators of Venezuela).

Roberto Castellanos, Jorge Gonzalez Perez, Ibrahim Fernandez Rodriguez and Jose Ignacio Fernandez Cuesta, and graduates Midiala Rodriguez Calvo, Laura Hernandez Vidal and Pedro Eagle Ginan were the ones who provided medical care for Chavez during his cancer treatment in Cuba.

The decree states that this team became a "role model for their commendable work, outstanding commitment, preparation, perseverance and fortitude who all demonstrated their skill and knowledge with their performance and dedication to the tasks assigned."

Although the decision was taken on March 18, it was barely announced today. Hugo Chavez died at age 58 after a two year battle with cancer.


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