Residents in Tijuana Recover Public Library

Who will pay for the damages that were caused to the building?

Three days of struggle by the Camino Verde community in Tijuana were enough to recover the Digital Library "House of Ideas", which was taken over by the staff of Congresswoman, Rosana Soto.

After the announcement of the recovery that was made on Wednesday night, residents in that community then celebrated their victory by removing the wire mesh that surrounded the premises. On Monday morning March 18, is when many residents first began to campout outside of the library, to prevent its use other than for the purposes it was built for. Protesters remained in front of the building day and night with banners, and also collecting signatures and books to support their cause.

Now the question is who will pay for the damages that were caused to the building? During the time that it was being occupied, the padlocks were smashed and the ground was broken to install a wire mesh. Citizens have asked for Rosana Soto to make the repairs, but have not had a response.

The neighborhood committee will now have to go to the various organizations that were supporting them, and request for new funds so they can proceed with the grand opening of the Library which will benefit more than 40,000 people.

The Public Library "House of Ideas" is part of a 7-kilometer park where there is also a community center and sports field. The Camino Verde community is located by the Durango neighborhood in Tijuana.


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