Ex-Presidents cost U.S. tax payers 3.7 million per year

Second in the list is Bill Clinton

The Congressional Research Service of the U.S., an independent body of the government, revealed that in 2012 former presidents cost tax payers 3.7 million.

Among the expenses that are dished out for these former Presidents is a pension of $ 200,000 per year, funding for office staff, office space, postage and travel expenses.

In this select group of former leaders that benefit from these resources is George W. Bush, who individually generates a cost of $ 1.3 million dollars which includes a $400,000 bill for his office and $85,000 dollars for phone services.

Coming in second in the list is Bill Clinton who rakes in a figure of a little less than one million dollars. Following right after Clinton is George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter who only cost tax payers half a million dollars per year.

Mexico also offers pension services to their ex-presidents, with the latest example being Felipe Calderon. He receives a pension of $225,000 dollars per year, a $667 000 dollar life insurance policy and medical insurance for him and his family with a cost of $33,000 dollars per month. He also has a staff of 67 body guards and 23 administrative staff members that has an unknown cost and receives a bonus of $3,600 dollars per year. This figure is very close to what U.S. presidents receive considering that Mexico is still regarded as a third world country.




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