Muslim Woman Amina Escapes Death

"We are all Amina"

The young Muslim woman, who caused quite some controversy a few days ago when she uploaded a naked photo of her onto her Facebook account, will now be admitted to a psychiatric hospital by her family.

The leader of the feminist group FEMEN, Inna Shevchenko, revealed this news recently when she told the press:

"Amina and I had been in contact by phone until four days ago when she disappeared. Her Facebook page was canceled and I lost all contact with her."

Amina's aunt is concerned for her niece’s life, and is worried that Amina might commit suicide after uploading the naked pictures of her online. Meanwhile, Amina’s parents have decided to place her into a psychiatric hospital where she will remain for evaluation.

On FEMEM’s Facebook page, many women from around the world have shown their support for Amina by uploading images of themselves being naked as well and demanding for Amina’s freedom. But to avoid problems with Facebook’s policies, the group decided to edit some of the images that they posted so that the general public cannot see them fully naked.

FEMEM is also planning to organize an international day of action in support of Amina on April 4, and is trying to create awareness via Twitter with the hastag #Amina.

"We are all Amina" is what the group is trying to promote in social networks.

Also, different social network accounts of several members of the group have been hacked, canceled and certain images and videos have been deleted. Islamic extremists in regards to this have said, "These pages have been hacked and God willing this will disappear from Tunisia."

These statements and actions have made members of the group FEMEN furious, and now fear for the lives of other young Islamic activists. This group originally formed back in 2008 in Ukraine and operates in 17 countries with more than 150 thousand members. Lately FEMEN has been making news headlines, like when they protested "topless" at the Vatican for the election of the new Pope Francisco, and celebrated the resignation of Benedict XVI in the same manner.


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