PETA harasses Young Boy over a Cow

They started sending him inappropriate emails and pictures

14 year old Logan Ward was looking for ways to raise money to go on a school trip to Europe, and came up with the idea to raffle a cow. He then put his plan into action and started selling tickets for this raffle. The young boy never expected anything major to happen over this, but it did. The animal advocacy group PETA began attacking Logan for this and started sending him inappropriate emails and pictures.

"It seems a bit odd that you feel the need for someone to have to die so that you could go on a trip. I feel that we both can agree that there are more humane ways to raise money that does not involve death or mutilated animals", said an email that was sent by Whitney Calk.

Both Logan and his father Scott then spoke to Fox News about this matter and told their story. Logan's father said that he has six children and couldn't afford to pay for Logan's trip to Europe, and due to this reason, this is why they decided to raffle off the cow which is what they are able to do.

Considering that this was a unique and good idea, everything was fine until PETA started sending images and messages that even for a 14 year old are extremely inappropriate.

PETA answered back through a representative by the name of Jan Dollinger, who alleged that there was an error on the hand written letter that was sent directly to Logan.

Logan's father was outraged that PETA would even think that whoever won the cow was going to sacrifice it. Where do they get that? was the question he asked.

"They are drawing conclusions that someone wants the cow to eat it and that's not our intention. From the beginning our goal has been to raise money for my son's field trip. Whoever wins the cow can do with it what they want, "said Scott.

PETA is an animal protection organization, who is also known for their extreme ways of protesting which has included throwing blood at people to ruin their fur coats. "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" is one of their most popular campaigns.

Khloe Kardashian in PETA campaign
Khloe Kardashian in PETA campaign


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