Baja California

The Burger Lounge Bar in Tijuana

Is definitely the right place to go and eat a rich and healthy meal

The Burger Lounge Bar is the best place you can visit and have a fresh and healthy meal in a contemporary setting that is 100% family friendly. Here you will be able to pick from a great variety of their delicious burgers, salads and microbrews.

The Burger Lounge is a concept born in Australia, emerged in England, and later on in the United States. Due to this evolution, the decision to open a restaurant bar in the city under this concept was made, with the purpose to continue revolutionizing and improving this concept and adapting it to the needs and habits for the taste of the residents of Tijuana.

The Burger Lounge Bar guarantees that you will have a unique and enjoyable experience, which is the reason why they make their burgers with fresh Mexican certified meat, daily baked bread, organic vegetables and homemade dressings.

The flavor that distinguishes them is due to the feeling and experience that they provide which makes you feel at home. This is achieved by the fusion of the flavor of baked bread and how well the meat is cooked. Right when you place your order they ask you how well you want the meat cooked. They usually recommend medium cooked and well done.

They also have a variety of fresh and healthy salads made to order accompanied by good music that goes from lounge, house and classic rock both in English and Spanish.

The house coffee is really exquisite because of how it is prepared with ground beans and strained when first order it.

The Burger Lounge Bar is definitely the right place to go and eat a rich and healthy meal, and also a place where you can enjoy watching all the live Xolos soccer matches and other sporting events accompanied by the best burgers, wines and microbrews in the region.

Here they have excellent service, a friendly staff and are also fast in getting your order ready.

It is open Monday through Sunday from 12 noon.

Their facilities are impeccably clean and are distinguished by meeting all requirements for handicap access.

So do not hesitate to live this unique experience at The Burger Lounge Bar located in the Chapultepec neighborhood in Tijuana.

Recommendations of the house:

Hangover Burger: beef, spicy shrimp, bacon, Swiss cheese, chicken breast, tomato and special house dressing.

Patron Burger: Beef with asparagus sautéed in olive oil and parmesan cheese.

Guadalupe Valley Burger: beef and mushrooms sautéed in red wine.

Desserts: thrifty ice cream which represents a nostalgic value.



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