Baja California

The Wax Museum in Tijuana

A 20 year old tourist attraction

On February 5, 1993 the history of the Wax Museum in Tijuana began. It has now been 20 years since it was first built, and has been a place where many families and students have gathered to walk its halls and take a trip through history with 92 wax figures and period paintings it has for display.This place is enriched with different art works, sculptures, mural paintings, costumes and wood carvings that give it a very admirable museum like presentation.

"Ricardo G. Montes Parra was the person who took the initiative to establish in this city a wax museum of international quality as a new tourist attraction", said the Museum's general manager, Ricardo Parra Leon.

When it first opened its doors, the museum only started out with 45 wax figures. Currently, it now has 92 figures total that are all spread out into ten different rooms that are divided into four different sections: history of Mexico, personalities and great leaders, film & entertainment and also a horror show room.

Here there are replicas of historical figures such as Hidalgo, Moctezuma, Zapata, John F. Kennedy, Gandhi and Pope John Paul II. There are also entertainment icons like Cantinflas, Marilyn Monroe, Pedro Infante, Elvis Presley, Veronica Castro and El Chavo among others.

In a room that is almost like a dark dungeon with a wooden floor that makes a noise at every turn, there are the classic horror characters like the dreaded Dracula, Freddy Kruger, the Wolfman in his transformation from man to beast, the pitiful Llorona and many more.

The Tijuana Wax Museum was the first museum in the history of this city, and over the years has received many awards and recognition from several civil organizations, educational and cultural institutions, including an award by the Tourism and Conventions Committee of Tijuana in 2003, and also an award by the Government of Baja California in 2012.

To celebrate the Museum's 20th anniversary, which receives an average of 4000 visitors a month, they will soon have five new figures which will be: The Pípila, Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, Plutarco Elias Calles, Vicente Guerrero and Alvaro Obregon.

The Wax Museum is included in the list of

121 things to do in Tijuana. So in these two weeks of Spring Break or any other time of the year, this is an excellent choice for family to spend some time together to live through some stories, myths and terror while walking through the different rooms of this place.



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