Tijuana’s Police Chief is asked to resign

Due to the recent violence in the city

City Councilman Erwin Areizaga from the National Action Party (PAN) yesterday demanded that the Police Chief of Tijuana, Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra, resigned from his position due to the recent violence in the city.

This issue also surfaced in social networks especially after what happened with the young girl, Vianey Garcia, 9, who along with her father were killed in last week by gunfire.

Local businessmen do not agree with the Tijuana Councilman, where this morning members of the Business Council of Tijuana (CCE) rejected this "idea", and highlighted that the crime rate in the city is much less than what was experienced in previous years.

The President of the Council, Juan Manuel Hernandez Niebla, believes that instead of asking for the Police Chief to resign, everyone should be supporting his work and efforts.

In last few days, Capella reiterated his commitment to safety of the residents of this city, and mentioned the importance of reporting crimes to emergency phone numbers 066 and 089.

"Give us a few days and we will find them. We have always said and proven this," said the Police Chief in regards to the crimes that have been committed recently.




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