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Tijuana Police shelter 75 children after daycare fire

There were no reports of any injuries

At around 3:00 pm Tuesday afternoon, a fire began at the Panasonic factory fire located in the Otay Industrial zone, prompting the evacuation of a daycare center affiliated with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

75 children and the educators, who were in the building at the time, were immediately taken to Police Headquarters by the orders of the Police Chief, Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra.

When the fire started, Firefighters and rescue personnel along with traffic officers immediately went to the factory located on Limon Alberto Padilla Boulevard near the Centenario neighborhood.

Officers from the Institute of Professional Training and Education (ICAP) and the Department for Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation, all worked together to make the children’s stay at the headquarters a pleasant one.

The director of the daycare center, Mirna Leticia Alapisco Inzunza, thanked and appreciated the support that was given by the Ministry for Public Safety and Security, as well as public transport operators, who cooperated in transporting all of the young children.

There were no reports of any injuries and all of the children are safe and sound.



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