More trouble for Lance Armstrong

His ex-wife might testify against him

After the doping accusations of Lance Armstrong were confirmed in events like the Tour de France and the Olympics, the U.S. Justice Department has now launched a new lawsuit against him.

Armstrong is now being accused of committing fraud against the U.S. Postal Service between 1998 and 2004. Throughout this time period he was awarded nearly $18 million dollars in sponsorship. Among other accusations in the lawsuit, illegal enrichment and breach of contract are included.

There is a great possibility that Armstrong’s ex-wife (1998-2003), Kristin Armstrong, will be called to testify against him since it is presumed that she witnessed him doping himself and giving his teammates these illegal substances as well.

If Lance Armstrong loses this lawsuit, he might be ordered to pay back up to $54 million dollars. Armstrong’s defense declared that the accusers were opportunists, because the Postal Service earned huge profits by using their client as part of their advertising campaigns.


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