Drug Cartel gun fight against Community Police

10 dead and 4 wounded

According to state officials, at least ten men were killed and four wounded in a gun battle between suspected drug traffickers and members of the so-called "Community Police" group in the state of Michoacan, Mexico.

Federal Police sources explained that these gun battles began in the early morning until around noon yesterday, between hitmen of the drug gang called "The Knights Templar" and members of "Community police" from the town of La Ruana, in the municipality of Buenavista Tomatlan, Michoacan.

The same source said that six of the ten dead belonged to the drug cartel and the remaining four to the "community police", a group that emerged last February 24 that formed to fight against "The Knights Templar" in the region of Tierra Caliente in Michoacan.

After this incident, federal police seized three vehicles with gunshot marks and another one that was set on fire. All of the vehicles were found in different places of the mountain areas near the coastal region where temperatures reach up to 104 degrees.

Public transportation was also affected by the violence in Michoacan, where for at least 8 hours traffic did not circulate near areas where the clashes were reported.

Police also later on dispersed protesters in the city of Uruapan, where hundreds of people with their faces covered protested against the federal government and the "community police."

According to the Federal Police, this protest was promoted by "The Knights Templar" who controls the production of natural and synthetic drugs in Michoacan.

This drug group, which emerged in March 2011 as a split from the "La Familia Michoacana" cartel, has been identified as the ones responsible for kidnappings, murders, and the extortion against small business owners and public transportation operators.

On April 19, thousands of merchants and transportation workers were forced by these drug traffickers to close four of the five entrances to the city of Morelia to protest against the "community police."




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