Mexican Priest: "abortion is worse than a priest raping a child"

"This is murder"

When a child is sexually abused "their future dies", but when compared to abortion, it is not as serious because "this is murder."

These are the controversial statements made by Fabio Martinez Castilla, who is the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico, during Mass just before the faithful receive Communion.

This happened in the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Marcos, where he also said: "Qualitatively, abortion is more serious than the rape of a child by a priest", and added, "although abortion is much more serious, both things are harmful and deserve punishment."

By the time that this priest wanted to fix the situation, the damage had already been done with something as delicate as the rape of a child by Catholic priests, which has been a controversial subject that is even rumored to be the reason for the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

However, the bishop soon after said that pedophile priests should not be given special treatment, on the contrary, they should be imprisoned and expelled from the Catholic Church.

Martinez also defended his counterparts and by reminding everyone that child sexual abuse has not only occurred at the hands of priests, but also "teachers, politicians, doctors."

He also expressed his thoughts on birth control, especially against condoms, stating that they are just a "method" to avoid responsibility.


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