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King of Kings : Tijuana's Maria y Jose take aim at Mexico's Indie scene throne.

You have to listen to it!

A giant wave of DIY indie music producers and acts has hit Mexico like a Tsunami in recent years and Tijuana based producer and designer Tony Gallardo´s ruidosón and techno project Maria y Jose, is way above the water.

The man in his mid twenties had created a internet star of some sort, a mix between indie music artist, comedian and internet design consultant. The project is by far more interesting than most of the young internet based music that is hitting blogs all over. His creativity and showmanship while performing live set him apart from boring bands playing guitars and singing songs like a dime a dozen American hipster indie bands that most other ïndie¨ Mexican acts thrive for. His sound comes from a very Latin root, a mix of Tribal and techno drum beats and baselines with original and heartfelt lyrics that deal w his everyday life and are often times dropped in rap form, all blended to create dancefloor bombs anywhere. The ruidosón genre of music Maria y Jose, Los Macuanos and others have created has poured itself all over the national Mexican festival scene with shows at Nrmal, Corona Capital and Vive Latino.

I first met Tony ( Maria Y Jose) while I promoted shows in Tiuana 2007. He was a skinny kid, hilarious looking and always told me I was a genius for throwing so many parties. His act at the time was UnSexy Nerd Pony, a strange, punk rock attitude filled performance w his laptop and microphone. I once saw him perform w another act that would try to get beat up by the crowd by pushing and provoking them. It made every one at the show super pissed and fulfilled their wish of getting punched, kicked and booed by audience members. The whole act was surreal. He later teamed up with a collective of kids from Juarez and Tijuana, Prepare to meet thy Broom and Krylon. They had a amazing visual uniformity going on. Myspace era profile pimp heaven. I don't know at what point Tony decided to be Maria y Jose and stop being Unsexy nerd Pony but the funny kid that joked around by calling me a genius for throwing shows was proving to a be a genius himself with his new musical endeavor.

His debut album will be called ¨Club Negro¨ same name of the new video as well. The track is a 3ball and hip hop hybrid and mentioned as a ¨experimental¨ hip hop artist on Vice music where it was featured. The album should be one of the years best on the scene and a tour of Mexico and Guatemala in the next month should really coronate el Rey de Reyes.

I asked Tony a few questions.

1. Your debut LP was going to be called Rey de Reyes, now you are calling it Club Negro, is there any particular reason for this?

This one is my second LP, and i decided to change the name because i was got bored with the other one and this one doesn't sounds cheesy.

2. I know you have been friends w 3ballmty since before they got so famous, how do you feel about the massive fame and campaign that has be done for them and would you crossover to mainstream anyday?

It's very cool they're having a great time doing what they love and for me that's an inspiration. Yeah, i really want to succeed and being mainstream is part of the deal, i don't care if they call me sellout, i've never felt part of the indie/underground ''scene''.

3. Why is it so hard for indie Mexican acts to make a decent living from music?

Because ''el malinchismo'' and because people hate when somebody is succeeding, i don't know.

4. What are three of your biggest music influences of all time?

Magic Carpet Ride from Mighty Dub Catz, Such Great Heights from The Postal Service and Alegranza from El Guincho.

5. What are some of your current favorite Mexican indie acts?

Siete Catorce, Santos, Matilda Manzana, Wyno, Pájaro Sin Alas, Teen Flirt, Clap Pina

Los Macuanos, Little Jesus, Little Ethiopia, Sixties Guns and Mock The Zuma.

VIDEO : María y José - Club Negro

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