Obama's commitment to Mexico’s new reality

He talked about how Mexico was positioning itself in the world

Violence, security, immigration, the economy and education were just some of the topics that Barack Obama addressed to an audience of young Mexicans in the Anthropology Museum this morning.

Obama said that part of his visit was to see the new Mexican reality, putting aside old stereotypes and show respect to Mexico, who serves as one of the major trading partners of the United States.

In his speech, he invited the audience to dream of a powerful nation, and talked about how Mexico was positioning itself in the world. He also mentioned that part of that success was due to the work and efforts of its citizens.

Obama indicated five points in which he will base his relationship with Mexico from now:

1) Trade

2) Increase the border relationship

3) Energy: securing resources

4) Education: a scientific approach between universities of the two countries.

5) Innovation: support technological development

President Obama afterwards met with Mexican businessmen to discuss trade relations between the two nations. And now will be heading to Costa Rica.




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