Barack Obama celebrates "Cinco de Mayo"

The diversity of the United States is the strength of the United States

WASHINGTON. - U.S. President Barack Obama pointed out yesterday the "contributions and legacy" of Mexican-Americans in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, commemorating the Mexican Army victory in the Battle of Puebla over French troops.

"Today we honor the victory of the Mexican people in their fight for freedom at the Battle of Puebla 151 years ago. On Cinco de Mayo we celebrate the contributions and heritage of Mexican Americans and we recognize the strong cultural, familial, and economic ties that bind the United States and Mexico," said the U.S. president in a statement.

The president highlighted his recent official visit to Mexico last week in which reaffirmed "our vision of America as a region of opportunity and shared prosperity."

He also recalled the importance of finally reforming the U.S. immigration system that "will live up to our tradition of a country of laws and immigrants, including generations of Mexicans that have enriched our country."

Obama stressed that fixing the immigration system is "one of my top legislative priorities" and expressed his hope that it will become "a reality this year."

Finally, he said that Cinco de Mayo, a symbolic date for Hispanics of Mexican descent in the U.S., "reminds us that the diversity of the United States is the strength of the United States."

Of the 310 million U.S. residents, about 50 million are of Hispanic origin, most Mexican.


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