Mexican union leader financial skeletons come out

She received up to $1.25 million dollars a month

Criminal proceedings against Elba Esther Gordillo are still ongoing, and the statements of Erick Salvador Rodriguez and Nora Ugarte, both whom are also members of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE), have done nothing more than to sink the former president even deeper into hot water, revealing that she would receive up to 150 million pesos (about $1.25million USD) a month.

Rodriguez and Ugarte made these declarations under certain "protected witnesses" condition in order to work out a deal, and reduce any criminal penalties that they may face.

These witnesses said that Gordillo had someone do her hair, makeup and nails daily. Also, she used funds for other personal expenses such as food, clothing, and on the maintenance of her properties.

Rodriguez and Ugarte said that the checks that would be written out to Gordillo by the aforementioned amounts would be authorized by Francisco Arriola Gordillo, her ex-husband and a fugitive from justice, and also by Juan Diaz de la Torre, the current National Union of Education Workers leader (SNTE).

The money that was given to Elba Esther Gordillo would be allocated as "presidential expenses" and amounted to 10% of the total union dues that would be collected each month.

Elba Esther Gordillo is currently facing charges of participating with organized crime and fraud. And despite the appeals that her attorneys have file for her release, she has been denied and is not entitled to bail. Gordillo was arrested on February 26 at the airport in Toluca, after arriving from a flight from San Diego California, the city where she is alleged to own various properties which were acquired with union funds.


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