Man hangs dog and smiles in Facebook picture

This case is not the first of its kind

A woman, whose name on her Facebook account is "Princeza Letizia Hernandez", uploaded a photo onto her page of a man who had hanged a puppy like a piñata. The man is shown in the picture wearing a sleeveless shirt, shorts, sandals and a hat.

Digging more into this users "Facebook wall", we found a post on May 1 in which Leticia Hernandez shares a video titled "Dog attacks Dog Whisperer (Cesar Millan)", where this user also states that one day her husband Daniel kicked a Chihuahua dog to death because the dog had tried to bite their daughter Leyli Daniela.

As the man hangs the pup, he also happily waves at the camera with his right hand, and with his left he holds on to a piece of rope that is suspending the puppy in the air.

The incident occurred in Tuxpan, Veracruz (Mexico), and has shocked and outraged all of those who have seen this cruel photograph.

As if this was not enough, this Facebook user also shared the image on Twitter as @callajerito. And a few hours later "Letizia Hernandez Princeza" deleted her Facebook account, but it was too late, these images had already circulated long enough where her name was revealed throughout social networks.

Twitter user "@ _CALLEJERITO_" Reported this incident via Twitter to Alberto Silva Ramos, mayor of Tuxpan, to which he replied: "Of course and immediately, hope to see you in my office tomorrow at 12p.m."

"@_CALLEJERITO_" is now looking for someone to attend the meeting in Veracruz he or she will not be able to go. If you can go to the meeting or want to help with this cause, please send an email to

It seems that nowadays animal abuse is fashionable, and unfortunately this case is not the first of its kind. Therefore, many cities in Mexico are seeking to raise awareness of the care for animals, and are promoting the sterilization of pets, which the city of Tijuana will be hosting an event on May 12 at the premises of the city's dog pound.


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