Neighborhood in CA sinks inch by inch

8 homes have already disappeared

Lakeside Heights, located in Lakeport, CA, about 90 miles north of San Francisco, has been sinking for some time now, and has caused local residents to flee their homes and turned this place into a ghost town.

According to reports, at least 8 houses have collapsed completely and 10 are in the process. This has been happening little by little. The reason? It is unknown.

It all started in March of this year when a crack opened along a street and through several homes, making them disappear one after another without anyone being able to do anything about it.

It is presumed that running water beneath the ground may have slightly softened the ground and created this sinking phenomenon, something similar to what has been going on for many years in Mexico City.

According to an ABC network report, several neighbors who have sought to sell their properties, have not been able make this sale for obvious reasons.

Many residents have also from this neighborhood have asked for the help California Governor, Jerry Brown, to consider this as a disaster area.


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