Authorities seize 250 kilos of marijuana and reject $25k bribe

Four individuals were arrested

TIJUANA. - Municipal Police officers yesterday seized 101 packages with about 250 kilograms of marijuana, and rejected 300,000 pesos (about $25K USD) that were offered to them for the release of the drug and four individuals.

The suspects are Jorge Contreras Jimenez, Gustavo Presa Dominguez, Manuel de Jesus Angulo Rio and Alejandro Presa Olaya.

At around 3p.m., during a routine patrol in the Buenos Aires Norte neighborhood, officers spotted two people who quickly got out of a white 2006 Chevrolet Malibu, which did not have license plates, and tried to hide in a nearby house located at the corner of San Jose del Cabo and San Benito #20246.

After securing Jorge Contreras Jimenez, Gustavo Presa Dominguez, the officers then proceeded in inspecting the vehicle and found in the back seat five packages that were wrapped with a tan tape, which contained a "green grass" similar to marijuana.

Manuel de Jesus Angulo and Alejandro Presa Olaya then came out of the home and tried to speak with the officers and tried to make a proposal so that they could come to a financial agreement, and took them to a room inside the house, where there were 96 other packages of different sizes filled with the same drug.

Manuel de Jesus added that he was only responsible for guarding the merchandize, but if necessary, he would contact his "Boss" by telephone and assured them a "reward" of 300,000 pesos "to make this go away."

Both the drug and the detainees were turned over to federal prosecutor's office, who will also determine the official weight of the drug that is estimated to be around 250 kilograms.

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