Handicap people for rent: Disney's black-market

They rent themselves out from $130-$1,040 dollars

The new black market in Disney theme parks: disabled people who take advantage of their status and make the day a lot easier for other visitors by renting themselves out.

In the online version of The New York Post, it shared a story where it exposes people with disabilities who rent themselves out from $130-$1,040 dollars for up to eight hours.

Part of the privileges granted by Disney theme parks, is that for people who are in a wheelchair, pregnant or with a disease that does not allow them to the stand in line like everyone else. It allows for them to spend less time in line and get on rides faster. But this does not just only apply for the disabled person, this also applies to anyone who is accompanying them on this day.


"My daughter waited a minute to get on a small world, while the other children had to wait 2 hours," said a mother, who hired a handicap guide through Dream Tours Florida.

The woman said she hired the services of Dream Tours in Florida to accompany her, her husband and their children, who were taken through the park in a motor vehicle with a sign that said "handicap", and were sent to the front of the line in every ride.

Most of the families, who hire these types of services and have turned to these types of "tactics", are usually families who have high purchasing power.

Also, another company like Disney Tours in Florida offers a similar VIP service and quick passes for about $310 to $380 dollars per hour.

Disney parks also have different tour guide services, if you are interested in hiring one, click here




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