2024 Olympics: San Diego & Tijuana aiming to win bid

"If it does not happen for 2024, we will try again for 2028"

Yesterday, the mayors of Tijuana and San Diego, Carlos Bustamante and Bob Filner, along with consuls Remedios Gomez and Andrew E. S. Erickson met to discuss the binational relationship that these two border cities have.

However, many who attended the meeting were very interested on the opportunity that San Diego and Tijuana would have for the 2024 Olympics, which is something that they are aiming to make into a reality.

Both mayors thank each other for accepting the invitation to the meeting and also mentioned something about the Olympics, making it clear that both of these cities on the border are working together to achieve this, and feel a great honor to have the opportunity to compete in this.

The U.S. Consul General, Andrew Erickson, closed his speech by saying "I wish the mayors Bob Filner and Carlos Bustamente the best of luck with the Olympics. Good luck gentlemen, you have all our support. "

The Mayor of Tijuana said that both Bob Filner and he would deliver a letter to President Peña Nieto, where they will seek the support of both governments from both sides of the border in order to make this happen. And at the same time thanking the two consulates for their support.

In a press conference after yesterday's event, talks about the Olympics did not stop. It is estimated that in about two or three weeks there will be a committee that will be put together by the city of San Diego, where they will present logos and ideas about this event.

The Olympics is just one of the priorities of this bilateral union, aside from border crossing issues and border security. Bob Filner believes that with the Olympics in sight, this will unite and accelerate the building constructions by public and private companies

Every time that this major sporting event is talked about in the region, many say "even if it does not," to which the mayors where asked if they believed that if this would be or would not be a possibility. Bustamante replied that it is possible that it may not happen as there are many countries bidding for this event, "If it does not happen for 2024, we will try again for 2028, but the thing is that we are already in the hunt for it."

Bustamante's counterpart from San Diego, Bob Filner, then said that "my prediction is that the excitement of the first binational Olympics is going to attract the world's attention. We are the world's largest binational union. Two days ago we were in the New York Times and I think that there is an excitement that has never been felt before."

VIDEO : Carlos Bustamante and Bob Filner speak about the San Diego-Tijuana Olympics



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