Son of Journalist is kidnapped and murdered

This type of crime is the second one in less than a month

The body of Angel Humberto Marin, 25, was found in the state of Mexico, after he called his father, Antonio Marin, who is a journatlist, to let him know that he was going to extend his trip. Unfortunately, the next day the journalist received a call from someone asking for a $100,000 dollar ransom for his son.


This type of crime is the second one in less than a month, where also two sons of David Paramo, journalists for TV Azteca, and Martha Gonzalez Nicholson, who is the editor of the newspaper "El Peso" in Chihuahua, were both killed in early May. In this case the prosecutors from Chihuahua denied that the murders were due to the profession of their parents.

Angel's father has worked over 20 years as a reporter for Notiver, and during the current administration of the government of Veracruz, which began in December 2010, nine journalists have been killed, two of them worked for Notiver.


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