Malcolm X’s grandson killers are prosecuted

Lawyers for the defendants have now only three days to appeal

Today a Mexican judge ordered the initiation of a criminal trial against two waiters in a bar, who are accused of having caused the death of Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of civil rights activist Malcolm X, prosecution sources in Mexico City confirmed.

Hector Palomares, who is the head prosecutor for the 26th Criminal Court, issued the detention order (which implies the beginning of a trial) against the waiters on charges of aggravated homicide and aggravated malicious theft.

Lawyers for the defendants have now only three days to appeal against the detention order issued by the judge.

On May 13 both these two bar tenders, identified as David Hernandez Cruz and Manuel Alejandro Perez, from The Palace Club located in the Plaza Garibaldi in the Mexico City, were arrested.

These two young men, whom are 24, were arrested and sent to the eastern prison that is located in the capital on suspicion of their involvement in the beating U.S. citizen for refusing to pay a bill on the morning of May 9.

According to the investigations, Shabazz along with another person whom the prosecutor did not identify because he is a victim in this case, were in the bar accompanied by two women and drinking alcoholic beverages until at 3a.m. Mexico City local time in this establishment until employees "demanded payment of a bill that amounted to $ 1,200."

Shabazz died hours later at a hospital in Mexico City as the result of the trauma caused by a heavy object.


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