Two men are lynched in southern Mexico

Communities take the law into their own hands

Two men who allegedly starred in several robberies were located and lynched by some people in the community of San Isidro la Reforma, in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, said state prosecutors sources, who confirmed this news to EFE.

The events began on Sunday, when residents of this community went in search of these two individuals who had been robbing public transport vehicles the day before.

After an exchange of gunfire, one of the alleged robbers, identified as Hugo Rigobertdo Garcia Cruz, 34, "was killed". The other, identified as Laro Riano Osorio, was arrested and placed in the town’s jail.

The townspeople did not wish "the presence of the state police, let alone prosecutors, because the men were going to be lynched by the locals," said the Attorney General of this state in regards to this case.

On Monday morning residents of the San Isidro la Reforma community broke the door of the local jail and carried Riaño Osorio out, and whose body was found hours later. The man, 22, had multiple gunshot wounds in the back, on the right temple and arm.

Occasionally in Mexico, because of the ineffectiveness and lack of action by the authorities in public security matters, some people in these types of communities have taken and continue to take the law into their own hands.

In recent months this has led to the appearance of self-defense groups formed by residents of communities in several states, especially in those of Guerrero and Michoacan.


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