Ronaldinho's Contributions

What Ronaldinho left on the field plus his reactions.

The former World Champion Ronaldinho left the the Tijuana pitch with an eye almost swollen shut. He wasn't the protagonist everyone expected him to be, but he did have his moments in which he left the crowed and fans watching at home on the edge of their seats.

It was about the tenth minute of play when the Brazilian superstar received a ball straight to the face causing the swollen eye. This caused the red alarms to sound in the "Galo" bench, while the home fans at the Estadio Caliente booed and made fun of the former Barcelona midfielder; a clear show of loyalty to their Tijuana Xolos.

He also gave way to his usual flashy soccer cleats and played in regular tennis shoes, indoor soccer specific tennis shoes; the toe you find in any sporting goods store. This was very unexpected, but very logical on the part of Ronaldinho given the Caliente's artificial turf.

The Brazilian astro found a nightmare in Christian Pellerano who didn't let Ronaldinho breath much less have the ball at his feet. Very few times was he able to get pass the Argentine who is demonstrating that he is the best defensive midfielder in Mexico.

Ronaldinho's only contribution came in the form of an assist to Tardelli. Pellerano was no where near to stop him since it was in the form of a corner kick. But besides that assist the Brazilian astro was shutdown.

This is what Ronaldinho had to say after the match:

"We leave very happy, no other team has been able to score here. We got the away goals that will help us in the return leg. It is very complicated to play here, and the whole team gave a great effort to walk away with this result" (@saidgol) (@jonyrico)

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