Pregnant by her 13 year old student

Student had sex with her in vehicle

A teacher from the "Secundaria Tecnica 47" (middle school) in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas Mexico, is being accused by the mother of one of her students, 13, for having sex with the minor and being pregnant with his baby.

The teacher, 23, is denying these charges and alleges that on the date of this incident, which the student claims to have had sex with her in her vehicle, she was with her husband.

Currently, the preliminary investigations to this case are ongoing, and in addition to the above, the teacher said she is not pregnant or is having any romantic relationship with any of her students. She claims that if she has talked "affectionately" to him and to all other students, it's because that is the way she is and treats all of them. But always maintaining a teacher-student relationship with everyone, claiming further that according to a medical examination, the student is still a "virgin".

This all started when the student's mother saw that the teacher had put "baby" on the boy's Facebook page, and said that she found messages where the teacher said that she was in love with him and telling him about her pregnancy. According to the student's mother, these messages have now been turned over to authorities.

So far, the teacher has been removed from the classroom and doing other type of work while this situation is clarified.

The alleged pregnancy has not yet been proven to be true.

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