Tijuana Cartel member pleads guilty

He purchased weapons, storages and bribed officials

SAN DIEGO. – Today, Eduardo Arellano Felix pleaded guilty to charges of money laundering and conspiracy to use illegally obtained money, and could receive a sentence of 15 years in prison. Felix is known for making financial decisions for the Tijuana Cartel.

With this agreement in the San Diego federal court, Eduardo Arellano Felix was the last of the brothers to be tried in the United States, after Francisco Javier "El Tigrillo" was sentenced to life in prison, and the other brother, Benjamin, sentence to 25 years in prison.

As part of the agreement with the Government, Arellano Felix must answer to only two of the seven charges of which he was accused of, including drug trafficking and conspiracy, and thus avoid a trial that was set to begin in September.

"El Doctor" (The Doctor), as he was nicknamed for his studies in medicine, heard the charges to only finally say, "I want to plead guilty."

It will be until August when the financial brains of the "Tijuana Cartel" criminal organization will return to court for a hearing where he could hear a sentenced to 15 years in federal prison, and then be deported to Mexico after serving this term.

Felix acknowledged that between 1986 and 2002 he was in charge of the cartel's finances. Part of his activities was to move large amounts of money for the purchase of weapons and storages to hide drugs, and pay bribes to public officials.

After the hearing, Felix's lawyer, Brian Funk, told the media that the deal was considered "fair", and that his client was not responsible for directing the operations and only abided by orders of his brother Benjamin.

Eduardo Arellano Felix was arrested in October 2008. Since then there was a request for his extradition to the United States, which finally took place in August of last year.

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