Pets turned into political candidates

Who will win the next elections?

Given that several Mexican citizens have been unhappy with the performance of traditional political candidates, a new option has now been introduced through social networks where many are suggesting that in the next elections, citizens should consider animals such as the candidates "Morris" (cat), "Titan" (dog), and the most interesting one, candidate "Chon" (a donkey), to be their next leader.

On June 5, the "Candigato" "(gato means cat in Spanish) Morris was introduced and nominated to be the next Mayor of Xalapa, Veracruz Mexico, from 2014 to 2017.

Information regarding Morris's campaign spending and proposals are posted on his official website. And besides politics, Morris has become an advocate against animal abuse.

VIDEO: Morris's thoughts of his opponents

Under the slogan "Yes we CAN!", Titan was the second animal to become a candidate. In his official website he describes his cause and states,"If politicians mock us on a daily basis and make a circus out of our taxes ... Why not put an honest candidate against them?, Titan".

He has also been promoting his campaign events, and interacts with his followers which have not been limited to the capital of Oaxaca. Titan the dog has been the only "candidate" to admit that he is "going for the bone."

Just a few hours ago, a new candidate was revealed that goes by the name of "Chon" the Donkey, and who is looking to become the next Mayor of Ciudad Juarez. "Better to have a jackass as Mayor, than a Mayor who is a jackass", is seen in some of the promotional images. His official website currently has more than 1,800 followers and counting.

The above cases are only a small sample of how disappointed Mexican citizens are of their politicians. Candidates who do not deliver what they promise, and who divert public funds to fill up their pockets and do much more. These are only a few of the main complaints. So with this kind of proposal in mind, who would you vote for?


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