Stunt backfires on political party

They declined to comment on life insurance cards they handed out

In the eagerness to cast doubt on the credibility of a clean campaign of a rival political party, a few members of the "Unidos por Baja California" (United for Baja California) alliance were instead surrounded by questions against their own party in an urgent press conference held this morning.

Not present at the conference was Kiko Vega, who is the candidate for governor of Baja California for the alliance "United for Baja California". Instead, Socrates Bastida, President of the National Action Party (PAN) of the State, Juan Pablo Rodriguez Gil, state representative for the New Alliance from the PAN Party, and the Secretary of Elections, Arturo García Portillo, were all present at this conference, where they were trying to demonstrate the bad campaign that is being run by their main rival. But, the only thing that they instead got out of this was a lot of question regarding the life insurance cards that this party has been handing out, to which to this question they did not answer and instead called off the meeting.

VIDEO: The bad campaign of the rivals

With a value of 2,000 pesos (about $167 USD) for groceries and interchangeable for life insurance that is worth 10,000 ($864 USD), these cards were recently handed out in campaign events, with the purpose of trying to win over the voters just like with what happened with the "Monex" and "Soriana" cards that were used in the campaign of the current Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

While the conference was taking place, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), filed a criminal complaint against Francisco Vega de Lamadrid (PAN), for illicit enrichment and embezzlement.

Representatives of the "United for Baja California" alliance argued that "the competition" broke the civility agreement they had, and that next Monday they will begin transmitting commercials that was part of a black campaign that is full of slander.

VIDEO: Life insurance cards being handed out



Previously, Oscar Vega Marin, campaign coordinator for Kiko Vega, said that the cards were a source for the campaign that other political parties had given them, so it was no problem.

During the press conference, the representatives said that they could not comment on the issue of the cards until the opposition fulfilled the threat of making a criminal complaint against them. But Socrates Bastida did state that the cards were not to buy the votes of citizens.


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