Inmate posts his Facebook status from Prison

This is the first known case

A prison inmate by the name of Luis Pacheco Rodriguez, who is serving his sentence at the "El Hongo" prison in Tecate, Baja California, posted a picture of himself and some friends on his Facebook account. What's wrong with this picture? Well, he took it with a cell phone and from his prison cell.

These photos were taken in late April, leaving it clear of who is who within the prison since inmates are prohibited from having mobile devices. The question on everyone's mind is how did he obtain this phone and who else has this privilege?

Rodriguez has been in jail since the age of 19, and convicted of multiple homicides and robbery. He is well known in the penal system, since his records show that he was imprisoned in the famous "Peni" of La Mesa, Tijuana, and now in "El Hongo".

The names of the members of his "crew" are unknown. They were not "tagged", so that will remain a mystery. This is the first known case of this kind, and Rodriguez has now been baptized in several social media networks and searched for as the "hipster prisoner".


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