Racist comments after 10 year old boy performs at NBA game

He is only a child who is proud of his roots

Sebastian de la Cruz, 10, made his first public appearance last year with his tremendous voice in the talent show "America's Got Talent", where he showed that he could sing to the tune of Mariachi music.

Sebastian sang in public again, but this time he sang the U.S. national anthem in game three of the NBA Finals in San Antonio, Texas where the Spurs faced the Miami Heat.

The child comes from a Mexican family, but was born in the United States as is the case of many people, which seemed to not matter to many or rather did not know, but whose racist comments were swift in social networks, particularly via Twitter.

Racist insults aimed at the child is able to be seen with the hashtag # GoHome, where people posted messages for him to go home, and called him names like a "wetback", "beaner", and made many more inappropriate comments. After all, he is only a child who is proud of his roots.




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