NBA celebration literally ended in a slam dunk

Shuckers Bar & Grill terrace collapsed with at least 100 people on it

At Shuckers Bar & Grill in Miami, Florida, on Thursday night, while watching game 4 of the NBA finals between the Heat and San Antonio Spurs, the terrace of this establishment collapsed with at least 100 people on it, which dozens of people ended up taking a dunk into Biscayne Bay.

According to official reports, 24 people were taken to nearby hospitals, most with cuts and bruises, and some with fractured bones. Two people are also reported to be in serious condition.

In this incident there were people that ended up in the water, while others were trapped under the rubble of the terrace. Both helicopters and divers helped with lighting up the area as some bar patrons and lifeguards helped people out of the water amid cries.

It is presumed that everyone from this incident has been rescued, and there were not fatality’s as of the result of this collapse.


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