Butt augmentation leads to woman's death

Authorities have now opened an investigation

A 28 year old female died in Miami after undergoing a butt augmentation treatment in a private clinic, and which according to the authorities, only had permission to operate as a beauty and massage center.

Suyima Torres died after undergoing a second session in the Cuerpos Health & Aesthetic beauty center, where she was injected with a substance to enhance her buttocks.

The young woman did not feel well after the surgery and was rushed to a hospital, where she apparently died from a pulmonary embolism or respiratory failure, local media reported on Friday.

The authorities have now opened an investigation and are looking for the alleged doctor who performed the surgery on this woman. The doctor is believed to be from Venezuela and his identity has not yet been revealed.

Torres paid $ 1,500 dollars for the first butt augmentation session she underwent last April in that clinic, which was recommended to her by a friend, and for the second treatment she paid $ 800 in cash, as indicated by Torres parents in the newspaper "El Nuevo Herald".

According to the information from local media, the blinds of this clinic were always closed and there was a sign on the door that blocked anyone from being able to see what was inside, which raised suspicions among some residents of other shops in the area.




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