How to beat up women tutorial?

"The point of beatings is to convey a message"

How to beat up women tutorial? Yes that's correct. You are not seeing things.

Controversy never seems to stop for the Muslim world, which on this occasion, Dr. Mohamed Al-Hajj, a professor of Islam who is known for advocating violence, gives tips on how to beat up women on a Television show for the Iqraa TV channel.

"The point of the beating is not to take revenge...", said Mohamed Al-Hajj, following it up with "The point of beatings is to convey a message."

Al-Hajj then goes on to speak of how "Westerners" criticize their culture for beating up women in Islam, and states that "no woman (Muslim) has died as a result of her husband beating."

He also made reference to a UN study (1999-2000), that "every 12 seconds, a wife is beaten by her husband in the U.S." and that "in some cases, these beatings lead to the woman's death." Al-Hajj tries to justify these actions towards females in Islam, by mentioning that the difference between Westerners and Islam, is that they have the Koran and the Sunna that allow for a woman's beating, which both the Koran and Sunna are not part of the "western civilization".

VIDEO: How to beat up women


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