Gay and Lesbian community respond to Castro Trenti's comments

"It's a shame that people like you are our options in government"

After the unfortunate comments made by Fernando Castro Trenti, candidate for governor of Baja California for the "Compromiso por Baja California" (Commitment to Baja California) alliance, in relation to same sex marriages and the adoption of children by same-sex couples, the state's LesbianGayTransexual&Bisexual (LGTB) community responded to these comments, and noted that in "today's society", all citizens are demanding their rights regardless of any type of distinctions or preferences.

VIDEO: Fernando Castro Trenti's comments

Starting from the Mexican Constitution, in the first article, it guarantees universal human rights, noting that "There shall be no discrimination based on ethnic or national origin, gender, age, disability, social status, health conditions, religion, opinions, sexual preference, marital status or any other that undermines human dignity and has the effect of nullifying or impairing the rights and freedoms of the people."

A government official from the Tourism and Conventions Committee (COTUCO), who spoke to SanDiegoRed and asked to remain anonymous, said:

"These campaigns, I have found them to be very empty in terms of proposals and terrible in the management of the candidate's image in the media. This debate defined of who not to vote for, and not of who to vote for. The State is in a poor political representation, where citizens must now have to decide of who is the "least worst" to vote for.

In the video question, I find Fernando Castro Trenti's position to be one very strong warning signal for society, not only on the subject of marriage (not specifying gay marriage or same-sex marriage since before the law, marriage is marriage, period) and adoption.

His speech clearly rejects all of the possibilities of the progress of human rights that has occurred in Mexico City, which in a very terrible manner he expresses himself in any of these issues. This is something to be afraid of. This debate only managed to make me decide for whom I will not be voting for, which I do not know of who I will be voting for, but I'll be following this closely so that I can make my vote count and be informed as much as possible."

Ruby Juarez, activist and president BC Trans House association said, "Mr. Trenti, I am a transsexual woman and daughter of parents who have many children as well. What entitles you to represent everyone's opinion? What you should want for your children is not to have you as their role model. It's a shame that you think that sexual orientation is synonymous with the lack of moral, something that was achieved in the Federal District in Mexico City (same sex marriages), on the right and protection to the sexual diversity that so many people fought and others are fighting for. But, whatever it may be in regards to your opinion, 'it's not something that we agree with'. We will fight because your six children and society in general can be free and happy without sexual orientation, gender or sexual diversity constraints. It's a shame that people like you are our options in government."

From the night of June 19, when the fourth debate was held between the candidates for governor of Baja California, these comments made by Trenti have been the topic that has remained as one of the main topics of conversation in social networks. Even in the aspect of public image, Castro Trenti made a mistake, which according to several analysts; it's going to cost him several votes.

So far, Fernando Castro Trenti has not issued any statements regarding this matter.


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