Mayweather vs Canelo: The Best vs The Best

The fight of the year was announced today, Mayweather vs "Canelo" Alvarez.

NEW YORK - The press conference to announce the gran fight of the year between Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Saul "Canelo" Alvarez was done today from the Great Apple. The Mexican maintained himself calm and mature, and even somewhat surprised since a great number of people showed up to cheer him on.

The American true to his style seemed relaxed as he was presented to his fans that were a minority in this occasion, but were still able to be heard as they cheered on who is considered the best fighter in the world pound for pound.

Oscar de la Hoya, owner of Golden Boy Promotions which represents "Canelo" mentioned that the level of confidence from Alavarez is great and that surely come September 14 in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas we will be talking about the new king of boxing.

It was Saul Alavrez who took the first word at the press conference and he was short and brief, and with one statement he mentioned exactly what he thought about the fight, next to him was his manager who said Alvarez is training like never before to win like always.

"In boxing everyone has their time. Everyone knows of Floyd's (Mayweather) quality, but this is my time" said "Canelo" Alavarez.

"It will be a determining factor, we all know of Floyd's intelligence. But I will come up with a good fight plan" said "Canelo's" manager when it was mentioned to him that Alavarez was younger, bigger, and stronger than Mayweather.

Right after Mayweather took the mic and even though he spent double the time Alavrez did, he kept showing his gratitude to everyone mentioning them by name. He expressed his gratitude towards New York and said if it was up to him they can set up the ring in Madison Square Garden right now instead of Las Vegas. He even showed his gratitude to the Mexican fans.

"My experience" answered Mayweather when asked what will be the difference in this great battle. He was also clear on saying that he feels blessed to be working as a boxer and that he doesn't play around inside the ring.

"Mexico produces great legends, I respect Mexico and him (Alvarez), he is a great boxer, young, strong, and a champion, but planet earth is my territory. They can put me against anyone, anywhere, I will win" finalized Mayweather.

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