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Next we headed over to "Etxeverri" (Spanish cuisine), which in the words of the chef Andrea Echeverria, it's not classic Spanish food but it retains many traditional features; however the presence of Mexican influences is noticeable. I recommend for you to go on Thursdays to eat paella.

"Creperie La Luna" was our next stop. This is a unique and original crepes place in the classic sense of the word, to the extent that they make their own flour because the commercial flours just do not give that authentic taste. It is recommended to eat these crepes accompanied with a great cup of coffee or just have it as dessert.

The next stop was "La Taqueseria" (The taco spot), who has turned the taco concept into something gourmet, but at the same time keeping things simple. Something that is very noticeable is their variety of hot sauces and the famous "quesataco" (Taco with melted cheese) that gives this place its name.

And finally, we end up with "Tacos Kokopelli", which stands out with their very original concept of sea tacos, but not just your typical seafood tacos, this place has a variety of recipes that have surprised even the most avid enthusiast of "mariscos". The seafood taco that you must ask for is "The Kraken".

Foodgarden is one of those culinary gems that are rarely found, but when found they are very pleasant. They are also perfectly located in the Zona Rio of Tijuana. The address is 10650 Blvd Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada, Tijuana, Baja California. Come and visit this place, you will not regret it.

Map and Directions

For more information visit their Facebook Page

Monday to Saturday : 9am to 10 pm

Sunday 9am to 6pm



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