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Tijuana's Caesar’s Salad Festival

This festival will also include cultural venues of local talent and music

1,800 to 3,000 Caesar Salads is what Caesar's Restaurant in Tijuana sells each month. A salad that was born in the 1940’s and whose tradition was rescued and will be once again celebrated this Sunday June 30 at the Caesar’s Salad Festival, its ninth edition.

Juan Tintos Funcke, State Tourism Secretary, invites everyone to this gastronomic event that will only increase the popularity of this dish whose main ingredient is romaine lettuce.

In this occasion, there will be a total of 15 Restaurateurs from the border region that will offer this salad and other dishes. It is important to mention that the main dish (Caesar Salad) will only have a cost of 35 pesos ($3 USD).

There will be also a contest where the color, harmony and ingredients of the Caesar salad will be judged by a jury, who will give their vote to the best presentation.

The story behind the Caesar Salad

The Caesar Hotel, which is still located on Avenida Revolucion, had some guests arriving late one night, who found the kitchen closed and were told that the only thing out was just lettuce.

The guest then asked to have a simple salad prepared for them, which the Chef, Livo Santini, prepared and delighted the taste buds of the aviators, who applauded the effort and initially named it "the Aviators Salad".

Later Caesar Cardini, owner of the famous hotel, was given credit as the creator of the famous "Caesar Salad".

The ingredients

To prepare this salad it’s very easy. These are the ingredient you need, romaine lettuce, dijon mustard, egg, olive oil, croutons, lemon, pepper, anchovies and parmesan cheese.

There will not be an admission fee to the festival that will be held on Avenida Revolucion (Between Fourth and Fifth Street), beginning at 12 noon. This festival will also include cultural venues of local talent and music.

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