Top 5 Foods at U.S.-Mexico border

If there is anything that we know about this place, it's that it has plenty of food

The international border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego can be quite an ordeal for many who inhabit the border area, either who live in Tijuana or San Diego. There many of those who cross the border at dawn, early morning, afternoon or at night, and who all have something in common, which is that at some point we all get hungry, and if there is anything that we know about this place, it's that it has plenty of food. The following is a list of recommendations on foods and drinks to have while waiting in the long lines at the border.

    Tortas Johnny (shredded beef sandwich )

They are usually found before the lines where people cross on foot, but the people who sell this "torta"can take it to you to your car as well. This shredded beef torta

will not only fill you but it is delicious too. It's just what you need while you wait in the car in the evenings. They also have burritos.


    Burritos Roger

Located also to the right of the lanes of the San Ysidro border crossing, right by the pedestrian bridge, there you will be able to find the most quintessential early morning burritos. Ask for Felipe, he provides everyone with great customer and probably even lighten up you morning.

    Churros (Deep fried cinnamon bread sticks)

It doesn't matter from who you buy them from, they all taste delicious. If it's your first time waiting in line at the border, you have to try them, especially if it is early in the morning or at night. Accompanied with coffee, they are the perfect snack while you wait.


These "diablitos" are the perfect remedy for these hot summer days while you wait in line. It is a mix of ice, traditional Mexican barrel lemon ice cream, hot chili powder and salt. It rehydrates you; it's spicy and sweetens away the heat.


Lately the weather has been very hot, it's time to try a classic tejuino, this is a typical Mexican drink made by craftsmen who will not tell you what it is made of. Just know that it is made ​​from corn. It is delicious accompanied with a little bit of lemon and ice. Believe me; they take away the heat almost in the blink of an eye.


Avoid eating at the taco stands that are under the pedestrian bridge. Definitely not recommended to eat there. Also, another place to not eat at that is located in the same area is tacos and tortas "El Hocicon". The stories I've heard of people eating there are not good.


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