Former governor is escorted to prison in Mexico

Two arrest warrants were issued against ex-governor Andres Granier

Mexico. - Andres Granier, former governor of the Mexican state of Tabasco, who has been accused of money laundering and tax fraud, was escorted yesterday to a federal prison detention center in the nation's capital to make his declarations before a judge, said judicial sources.

According to sources, the head of the Fourth District Court in Federal Criminal Proceedings, Taissia Cruz Parcero, will hear Granier's statement on this case and

in the coming days determine if any charges will be filed against him or let him go free.

Granier will not be integrated into the prison population at the "Reclusorio Oriente" prison, but instead will remain in the Observation and Classification Center at the prison, in disposition of the judge.

This week, the judge for the Fourth District in Tabasco, Victorino Hernandez, issued two arrest warrants against Granier on charges of money laundering and tax fraud.

The former governor and several of his associates are being investigated for alleged embezzlement of about $151 million dollars during his tenure in Tabasco, where apparently they left a "high debt" amount.

Granier returned to Mexico on June 11 from Miami. On June 12 and 13 he was called up to the PGR offices to be questioned about the alleged embezzlement and his assets.

The state of Tabasco is now governed by a representative of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), Arturo Nunez.


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