The future of gay marriage in Baja California

Freedoms enjoyed in the Mexican capital, may soon come to Baja California

This morning the U.S. Supreme Court declared that gay marriage would be recognized throughout the nation. In addition, California benefited from the votes against Proposition 8, so now it is expected in a few weeks, same sex marriages will be carried out again throughout the state of California. And with this new change in the U.S., it has now become also a new challenge for the next governor of Baja California, Mexico.


For now, the proposals that have been made on this topic by Fernando Castro Trenti and Kiko Vega are the only ones that have stood out in this campaign period.

Kiko Vega from the National Action Party (PAN) is the candidate that seems to have the edge of this issue, where the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) is one of those who have supported him in his campaign as part of "United for Baja California" alliance. This party (PRD) has governed Mexico's capital for several years, and throughout their party's administration, their leaders have opened the door to a new era of human rights and whose social work has been an intense effort.

From a program to assist senior citizens to the recognition of same sex marriages, this are the type of things that will be included in Kiko Vega's plan as governor, although historically, the National Action Party (PAN) has always been known as the "Conservative Party". While Kiko Vega has not publicly made any announcements, the visit of Miguel Angel Mancera this past weekend to show his support for Vega, is an indication that the freedoms that people enjoy in the Mexican capital, may soon also come to Baja California.

VIDEO: Miguel Angel Mancera supporting Kiko Vega

On the other hand, Fernando Castro Trenti (PRI) has not expressed the issue as being part of his plan as governor. Let's not forget the incident in the last debate between candidates for governor of Baja California, where he enthusiastically expressed his thoughts and disapproval with gay marriages.

VIDEO: Castro Trenti speaking about gay marriages

The next day, Trenti issued a statement saying that he was against homophobia, but it was too late. Representatives of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community indicated they would not accept the apology and added that comments like those of Castro Trenti, were those that often incite hate crimes. In addition to this response, there was protest that took place in the city of Tijuana to show their disapproval of the candidate of the PRI party.

The proximity of the two states, California and Baja California, and the fact that the economies of these two regions are linked, including the idea of creating a new "mega-region" between these two, will demand for the new leader of Baja California to promote itself as an inclusive government for its citizens and visitors, where they must ensure their equal treatment.

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