Illegal Border Crossing, the ride?

Amusement park in Mexico offers the experience

Well, although it isn't your typical amusement park ride with a steel frame cart that is mounted on some rails and controlled with a sophisticated hydraulic system. An amusement park "Parque EcoAlberto", located in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico, is now offering their guests a strange and special experience, where park visitors go through an adventure to see what it is like for an immigrant to cross into the United States.

The attraction takes visitors through a scenario of the U.S-Mexico border, where there are people who act as CBP agents and others as human traffickers, a.k.a "coyotes", who help them try to get across the border.

According to people at the "Parque EcoAlberto", the goal of this attraction is to discourage people, who plan to head up north, to not make this trip.

The way that this attraction works is that the "coyote" wears a mask to hide his identity, and guides the groups to an "unguarded" point of the fake border. From this point on, these "immigrants" "run for three hours and hide while they are being chased by trained dogs and border agents who search for them.

Would you be willing to live the experience of "crossing the Border illegally" without any of the risks? What do you think of this unique attraction?

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