13 soldiers are sent to prison for stolen airplane

The airplane belonged to a group of drug traffickers

Yesterday, a court in Honduras convicted 13 soldiers, who received sentences ranging from one to nine years in prison, after finding them guilty of participating and allowing a group of men to steal a Mexican airplane that was under their protection in 2010, reported a military source.

The spokesman of the Armed Forces of Honduras, Colonel Jeremias Arevalo, told reporters that the Military Court found the soldiers "guilty" in the theft of an aircraft that was in custody at the Armando Escalon Air Base of San Pedro Sula, located north of the country.

Arevalo said the lieutenant Manuel Euceda and Cristian Oseguera, along with sergeants Carlos Urbina and Marlon Lopez, were individually sentenced to nine years in prison. While those who were responsible for military base security, Luis Sanchez, Marvin Calderon, and sergeant Jose Zavala, Efrain Navarro and Guadalupe Serrano, and sergeants Ivis Calderon and Jhonny Nunez, and lieutenant Ahad Morazan, were each sentenced to six years in prison.

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Edgardo Fuentes was sentenced to one year in prison. The aircraft, which had been seized in an operation against drug trafficking, was stolen on October 31, 2010 by five unknown men who allegedly tied the soldiers down.

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