Congressman by day, drag queen at night

He has been cross-dressing for about 20 years

Jose Luis Delgado Pizano, congressional candidate for the Citizens Movement Party in Ciudad Juarez, Chichuahua Mexio, has caused quite a stir after participating in the "sexual affection" protest wearing a woman's dress.

"I'm an entrepreneur, stylist, makeup artist, art director and a "professional transformer," said the candidate who showed up at the march dressed as a woman, as part of his campaign for public awareness of the importance of inclusion and non-discrimination.

Delgado has been cross-dressing for about 20 years now.

Delgado, as congressional candidate, brings along with him proposals on creating and promoting programs against homophobia.

If Delgado pulls off a victory, he has assured everyone that he will promote sports and culture, as well as creating laws against discrimination, the rights of single mothers and laws that protect senior citizens. He also has promised to work on social development through the creation of small business for the residents of Ciudad Juarez.

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