"Quinceañeras" prostitute themselves on Facebook

"We can give you a night of pleasure or whatever you may desire"

"The woman in me has finally awakened!" The age of hopes and dreams of a teenage life begin. Just a few steps away from going from a young girl, to becoming a woman are what this age is about, right? Well, at least that's how it was before for many young girls.

Now, things are not like that.

Recently a group of young girls who call themselves the "quinerifas" surged in the social network Facebook, where 15 year old adolescents are selling their bodies through raffles, for which the winner, he or she will have the right to have sex with them.

"We can give you a night of pleasure or whatever you may desire. The more tickets purchased for the raffle, the more likely it will be for the person who is interested in winning the quinceañera". This is what can be seen on this Facebook page that also states that each "act" is worth 236 pesos (about $20 USD) or 50 soles, which is the currency that is used in Peru and where this group originated from.

"My mom thinks that I just go out and have fun. Sometimes I say I'm going out with my cousin or that I'm going to go and sleep over at my cousin's house. My cousin covers for me. She already knows," said another of the teens that is involved in this activity.

In many social networks there are several pages devoted to these girls, which despite starting in Peru, these kinds of things have been spreading all over the world.




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